Logo Design

Logo concept for the City of Logan based on the proposition ‘the City of Logan is on the map’.

Okiru meaning to ‘get up’ is a hangover remedy designed to make you feel OK again. Unfortunately for the booze hounds among us, this would-be start-up didn’t make it out of the gates.

Emotional First Aid. Inspired by Guy Winch’s TED talk of the same name and our favouritism of body over mind.

Airframes are handcrafted wooden frames, each pair unique. The logo is a nod to 1940’s aviation and the aircraft grade layered Birch Ply used to make the frames.

Power. Inspired by the New Philosopher issue of the same name.

Logo concept for PMAQ (Prevocational Medical Accreditation QLD), an organisation that helps students turn theory (book) into practice (grad cap).